Haley Van Dyck

Deputy Administrator, U.S. Digital Service

Haley is the co-founder of the United States Digital Service, with a passion and track record of using technology to disrupt "business as usual" and democratize problem solving. She has been a key thought leader on President Obama’s technology team since the 2008 campaign, where she developed the mobile strategy for the first Presidential campaign in history to use mobile and text messaging to connect with voters. She also served on the Presidential Transition Team with a small group of individuals who set the course for the Administration’s technology strategy, including writing the Open Government Directive and creating the first U.S. Chief Technology Officer position. At the White House, Haley built many of the President’s major technology initiatives including the U.S. Open Data Policy and Executive Order, the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program, the Digital Government Strategy, and the United States Digital Service. She is also responsible for the first-ever government policy being developed in the open and online through Github—an effort that WIRED magazine called "remarkable" for giving geeks a seat at the policy table. She also served as the Director of Digital Strategy at USAID to fight famine in the Horn of Africa through the award-winning FWD campaign, worked at the Federal Communications Commission to disrupt the archaic rulemaking processes, and as part of the landmark Net Neutrality proceedings comments from citizens via social media and other online channels were accepted with the same legal standing as those filed by large corporations such as AT&T and Verizon for the first time. Van Dyck is a native of San Francisco and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


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