Greg Priest-Dorman

Greg Priest-Dorman is a walkable computing pioneer and since 2011 has been a member of the Google Glass Team. He has been designing, building and wearing electronics since the late 1970's driven by his personal interest in using adaptive technology to increase independence. From his initial work with sensors, reading machines and note taking devices used independently in the 1980's he progressed to a single general purpose computer named "Herbert" used both day and night. Beginning in 1994 this device or one of its descendants continues to be used by him to the present day.

Greg has been actively involved in efforts to grow both the wearable user community and increase public understanding of the issues surrounding computing in a social setting. In addition to groups to support new adopters and public speaking he designed the CharmIT Wearable Kit, sold by Charmed Technologies, Inc. in 2000 with all plans available as an open source wearable hardware project. He also collaborated with Mikkel Holm Olsen on the SpiffChorder Project, an adaptable open source chording input system.

Greg's wearable electronics have been an integral part of his home and work for most of his adult life, whether changing diapers (while Herbert kept tracking a network latency issue) or just walking and responding to email Greg has incorporated body worn devices into his daily routine for over 35 years.


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