Greg Badros

Prepared Mind Innovations

Greg Badros earned bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science from Duke University. After founding the engineering team at a successful startup, he started graduate school and earned his master's and doctoral degrees in computer science and engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle. Starting from age 14, Badros has accumulated over 20 research and trade publications and has spoken at numerous conferences internationally. His research interests include software engineering, declarative representations and constraint satisfaction, distributed systems, programming language design and implementation, and mechanism design for online advertising auctions. His PhD work on the Cassowary Constraint Solving algorithm is now an integral part of Apple’s OS X (starting with 10.7 Lion) and iOS.

Since then, he worked at Google for over six years where he was a senior director of engineering, having led AdSense from 2004−2007 and then the Gmail+ and Google Apps teams from 2007−2009. From mid-2009 to October 2013, Badros worked at Facebook where he was vice president of engineering and products and led numerous teams including Ads, Search, Photos, Messages, Growth, Data Infrastructure, and Data Science. After his nearly 4.5 years at Facebook, he founded Prepared Mind Innovations and now acts as an advisor to several startup companies and builds prototypes himself. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, skiing, and home automation.


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