Glenn Krasner

Glenn Krasner cofounded the Smalltalk spin-off ParcPlace Systems, where he held many positions including Vice President of Engineering. He started his career at Xerox PARC as a student research intern in the Learning Research Group, and then was a software engineer at Tektronix for two years. Returning to PARC and LRG, Krasner worked on the Smalltalk system and implementations. He coordinated the project where groups from a number of companies and universities implemented the Smalltalk-80 system on a variety of platforms to ensure portability. Krasner edited Smalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice, a collection of papers from these groups as well as LRG members describing their implementation projects. He also became a group manager at PARC. Krasner was Vice Chair of the committee that created the ANSI Smalltalk Standard. 


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