Ed Colligan

 Cofounder, Handspring

Ed came to Silicon Valley in 1985 to be part of the personal technology revolution and since that time has established himself as a leading product and marketing innovator. He was part of creating some of the most groundbreaking products and brands in personal computing. 

At Radius, Inc., Ed was part of building the Radius brand to be synonymous with graphics and graphics imaging at the outset of the desktop publishing revolution. 

After Radius, Ed embarked on a 16-year journey to define and establish the next generation of personal computing – the handheld computer. Ed was the first vice president of marketing for Palm Computing where he helped develop the original Palm Pilot and the Palm brand. During Ed’s tenure the company shipped the original Palm Pilot, Palm III and Palm V handhelds establishing Palm and the Palm OS as the market leader with more than 90% market share. 

Focused on creating the next generation of mobile products, Ed left Palm to cofound Handspring where he and his partners created the forbearer of all future smartphones; the Handspring Treo. 

Ed then led the transaction that reunited the Palm and Handspring teams into one company while establishing relationships with wireless carriers globally and driving Palm’s annual smartphone business to more than $2 billion. As the CEO of Palm, Ed spearheaded the transformation that created the highly acclaimed WebOS platform and Palm Pre line of smartphones. 

Ed now spends his time on the Central Coast of California investing in and mentoring entrepreneurs with the goal of helping to establish the next generation of breakthrough products and brands. Ed is a board member of Numenta, Inc., POPS Worldwide, and Levered Learning, Inc., and is on the board of advisors for a number of other start-up companies. Ed earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon. 


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