Debby Meredith

Icon Ventures

Debby brings a wealth of experience managing software engineering teams and bringing new technologies to market. Currently, she works as all of a board member, advisor, and consultant to several high tech companies. Debby has the capacity to take on interim executive roles by working hands-on with company founders, helping to assemble world-class teams, architect software products, and establish a roadmap from the start for operational success. Additionally, given her broad set of operational skills and venture experience, Debby often works with venture capital firms providing great insight into the operational capabilities of potential investment opportunities. Currently she is working with Icon Ventures as a Venture Partner and previously Debby was a Venture Partner with Mohr, Davidow Ventures (MDV) where she worked with portfolio companies as an interim CEO or VP of Engineering. Earlier in her career, Debby held a variety of technical and general management positions at America Online/Netscape, including Senior Vice President of Strategic Technologies and Products, Vice President of Browser Products and Chief Quality Officer. Prior to Netscape, she was Vice President of Engineering for Collabra Software and Vice President of Development at Slate Corporation. Debby also held key technical positions at Metaphor Computer Systems, Logitech, and Bell Laboratories.

Debby earned a Master's degree in computer science from Stanford University. She received her undergraduate degree in both computer science and mathematics from the University of Michigan.


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