David Levy

International Computer Games Association, International Master in Chess

David Levy is an International Master in Chess and is the former reigning Scottish national chess champion. He has organized, judged, moderated, and nursed-along dozens of computer chess tournaments, panel discussions, debates, and conferences and has written, edited, or co-authored over 40 books on chess and computer chess.

Levy is still more significant to our discussion at the Computer History Museum since he has played against computer chess systems (up to 12 simultaneously) for over three decades and once bet co-panelist John McCarthy (in 1968) that no computer would beat him for another 10 years, a bet he won.

Levy is now President of the International Computer Games Association and lives in London. He won the Loebner prize (which rewards advances in Turing test-type programs) in 1997 for his program “Converse.” His latest book, "Robots Unlimited" is being published this September.


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