David Anderson

Nextech Batteries

Dave Anderson has been in Executive roles with numerous companies over the past 50 years. For the first 27 years of his career, Dave was at Amdahl Corporation, a successful startup and later a division of Fujitsu. He served as the CTO and SVP of all product groups. Dave developed the redirection of Amdahl's business strategy, transforming it from a mainframe organization to a software and services focused operation. Dave has been CEO/key executive/strategy consultant in a variety of technology companies across many computing, software, and energy businesses including Gridiron, Verari, Sendmail, ClearEdge Power and now Nextech Batteries.

Dave has experience with all phases of company operations with focus on:

• Product/Solution definition and development for hardware, software and energy systems.

• Business model definition for infrastructure and enterprise products.

• Customer value proposition and how to create satisfied customer relationships.

Currently, Dave is focused in security, “Big Data” analytics and social application markets. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Stanford University.


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