Dave Robson

Director of Project Management, Zebra Technologies

Dave Robson served as chief of staff at Willow Garage, a privately funded robotics R&D company; at Savioke, now Relay Robotics; and then at Fetch Robotics, recently acquired by Zebra Technologies. In 1974, he joined the Learning Research Group (LRG) at Xerox PARC and worked on several generations of Smalltalk. His first major contribution was Smalltalk-74, in which classes were themselves represented as instances of classes for the first time. One of his last projects was publishing the specification of the Smalltalk-80 interpreter, implemented in Smalltalk-80 itself. After LRG, he was a lab manager, quality officer, and VP of HR for several Xerox research and technology organizations. He worked for the Physics Computer Development Project implementing instructional software on an XDS Sigma 7 while a student at UC Irvine.


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