Daniel Borel

Daniel Borel oversees the strategic direction and continuing growth of Logitech, the company he co-founded 20 years ago and which is now the world's largest provider of products and tools at the forefront of the interface between People & Technology.

In the early 1980s Mr. Borel and Logitech's co-founders developed one of the first word processing systems. Then they worked for Ricoh of Japan to design and produce a state-of-the-art graphical editing system (kind of the first desktop publishing system before its time and products like ".shtmlmaker"). Logitech's enduring focus on the interface between the real and virtual worlds was born out of their experience in this area and their desire to make the user's interaction with the "machine" as intuitive as possible. This led to the launch of the company's first commercially available product, a computer mouse, the tip of the iceberg of Logitech's Vision!

Over the last 20 years Mr. Borel has been instrumental in growing Logitech from a supplier of computer mice to an international leader in man-machine interfaces, which feature innovation, quality, price/performance & cool design. He has held a number of senior positions with the company, including as chief executive officer for most of the 1990s. As CEO he oversaw the pretty large growth of the company's production capacity and overall international presence. He introduced several new technologies, which are the basis of many of today's most successful products.

In addition to his responsibilities with Logitech, Mr. Borel is actively involved with helping innovative Swiss start-ups - particularly those with interesting new technology & added values - to survive… and then to possibly evolve internationally.

Mr. Borel has degrees from Lausanne's Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in physics as well as a master in computer science from Stanford University, California. He lives 'on a plane,' enjoys spending time with his family and is a keen sportsman.


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