Craig Mathias

Craig J. Mathias is a Principal with Farpoint Group, a wireless and mobile advisory firm based in Ashland, MA. Founded in 1991, the company works with manufacturers, network operators, enterprises, and the financial community in technology assessment and analysis, strategy development, product specification and design, product marketing, program management, education and training, and the integration of emerging technologies into new and existing business operations, across a broad range of markets and applications. Craig is an internationally-recognized expert on wireless communications and mobile computing technologies, and has published numerous technical and overview articles on a variety of topics. He is a well-known industry analyst and frequent speaker at industry conferences and trade shows, and is currently a member of the Advisory Boards for the Wireless Sensing Solutions, Interop, WiMAX World, UWB World (Chair), Mobile Business Expo, and C3 Expo conferences. He also serves as the Wireless Guide and monthly columnist for, Site Editor and ardent blogger for, and a monthly columnist for Electronic Engineering Times (“Radio Days”) and He holds an Sc.B. degree in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Brown University.


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