Cade Metz

Technology Correspondent, The New York Times

Cade Metz is a technology correspondent with The New York Times, covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics, virtual reality, and other emerging areas. Previously, he was a senior staff writer with Wired magazine and the U.S. editor of The Register, the British science and technology news site that enjoys a worldwide following. 

He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, where his father spent his career as an engineer and programmer with IBM and helped develop the Universal Product Code (the barcode on all your groceries). While studying English at Duke University, he interned at IBM as a programmer during the summers, before becoming a journalist. His first job was as a researcher at PC Magazine, which was then one of the largest tech publications in the world and is now defunct. 

Metz works in The New York Times’ San Francisco bureau and lives across the bay with his wife Taylor and two daughters. 


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