Brad Silverberg

Former Microsoft Executive and Venture Capitalist

Brad Silverberg was recruited in 1989 by Bill Gates to lead the Windows effort for Microsoft, which he did through Windows 95, establishing Windows as the company’s core product. He discovered his affinity for computer science at Brown University in Andy van Dam’s core course, which he took as a lark. After the class, he changed his major from political science and went on for a MS in computer science at the University of Toronto.  

Silverberg worked for SRI International, Apple Computer, and Borland International before joining Microsoft. In 1995, he was awarded PC Magazine’s Person of the Year for his leadership of Windows 95. He went on to co-lead Microsoft’s internet effort and filled various other positions including senior vice president of Developer Tools and of Office. He left Microsoft in 1999 and cofounded the Seattle-based venture capital firm Ignition Partners. In 2013, he co-founded venture capital firm Fuel Capital. He is now retired.


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