Bonnie Anderson Seiler

Bonnie Anderson Seiler, a fourth grade teacher, chose the University of Illinois for her master's degree in Educational Psychology because she had seen the 20-terminal PLATO III system. She designed and programmed PLATO lessons for the Elementary Math Project from 1971 to 1976, including How the West Was 1+3x4, Speedway, and Animal Bagger.

From 1976 to 1990 Bonnie directed the development of computer-based educational materials on PLATO and microcomputers at the University of Delaware. She then followed her passion and managed K-8 educational software development for Sunburst, MacMillan-McGraw Hill, and Edmark, including the Mighty Math series and Thinkin' Science—ZAP! When Edmark closed in 2003, Bonnie joined T-Mobile, a wireless telecom company in Seattle, and switched her focus from kids and teachers to call center agents and trainers around the world.


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