Bobby Johnson

CTO and Co-founder, Interana

Bobby Johnson is co-founder and CTO of Interana, where he is building the world's fastest and easiest to use system for analyzing event and time-series data. Every search on Microsoft Bing, every song play on Sonos and every customer touchpoint at Comcast is analyzed by Interana's software, which is capable of querying trillions of rows in seconds.

Bobby was Director of Engineering at Facebook, where he led the infrastructure engineering team for six years. During that time his team scaled the site from a few million users to a billion. He personally wrote a number of the early systems, including Scribe, and the first version of Haystack, which stores all of Facebook's photos. His team wrote Hive and Cassandra, and was responsible for building the memcache/mysql stack – a database that holds trillions of objects and answers billions of queries per second. He received a B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science from Caltech.


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