Bernard L. Peuto

President of Concord Consulting and Chairman of PhotoTablet

Bernard Peuto is president of Concord Consulting and chairman of PhotoTablet. He has held key positions at Sun Microsystems (vice president and general manager), ViewTech (founder, chairman and president), Zilog (director of product development and principal architect) and Amdahl (computer architect). At Zilog he was director of the Component Design Engineering Group and the principal architect for the Z8000, MMU, Z-Bus and the Z8 processors and concepts.

Peuto is an expert in computer graphics and multimedia, networking, computer system design and development, computer architecture and semiconductor design and development. He has worked with numerous technology companies developing business strategies for emerging markets and their related channels of distribution. He has also investigated features/ technology trade-offs and performed market positioning and competitive analyses.

Peuto is presently a member of the editorial board of Microprocessor Report. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from University of California, Berkeley.


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