Ayori Selassie

Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce and Creator of the Life Model Canvas

Meet Ayori Selassie, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and Senior Solution Engineer at Salesforce. She is also Creator of the Life Model Canvas. Ayori is a unique and fearless leader whose belief that extraordinary initiative, people skills, and exemplary results helped drive her beyond a life paved with hardships, challenges, and obstacles in order to achieve incredible success…and whose future ambition has her eyes set on an executive seat at the table.

A member of the Salesforce family for over seven years, Selassie leverages over seventeen years of IT and consulting experience to serve as a trusted adviser for our customers. After finding success in Product Management, delivering solutions for Employee Success including the #dreamjob application portal powered by JobScience’s AppExchange product, she made a daring career shift to join the Sales team, where she has since become a top revenue contributor for her region.

She's also mentored women with Hillary Clinton's State Department sponsored program by the name of TechWomen for 3 years in a row working with women from Egypt, Jordan, Rwanda and 60 other countries including traveling to the Jordan, Palestine and Israel to support and encourage women and girls in STEM. She did this all the while being among the top volunteers at Salesforce a company which is known for pioneering corporate philanthropy in the tech sector.

In her volunteerism she was lead organizer for the first ever Hackathon on Black Male Achievement, which was also the first Startup Weekend Hackathon in Oakland, she also was lead organizer for the Essense Festival's first ever YesWeCode Hackathon and served to recruit talented mentors, youth and sponsors to make hackathons a household discussion among communities of color.

She founded and serves as President of Boldforce with is an Employee Resource group for employees of African and African-American descent at Salesforce and she also founded Pitch Mixer an Entrepreneur Forum to connect diverse entrepreneurs in Oakland to Venture Capital and Angel funds. Her favorite success from Pitch Mixer is Diishan Imara, founder of Mayvenn who delivered his first investor pitch at Pitch Mixer and continued on a path to be incubated in 500 Startups, raise $10 Million in Venture Capital and be valuated as a $56 Million dollar company.

Ayori has an eye for talent and a unique skill that bridges opportunity to others and gives the larger community opportunities for growth. She's also won hackathons herself and developed a video game for the Jim Henson Company with a startup she co-founded by the Intuitive Interactive. Ayori is known for doing it all but she prides herself on doing it well and making a difference. Her ambition for the future is executive leadership and she plans to initiate graduate studies to pursue a Masters of Business.


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