Ayesha Hamid

Head of Channel Operations & Product Launches, Informatics (IT)

As a Muslim, Ayesha credits her mother with empowering her and her four sisters to think past the roles allotted to women by her culture. Ayesha dreamed of being an engineer like her father and attended university in Pakistan to receive her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Her first job was here in the United States as a Genentech intern in 2006, but she returned home to get married. It took four years for Ayesha to follow her dreams, leave her marriage and move back to the United States, where she took a permanent role at Genentech. She always is fascinated by the relationship between neuroscience and psychology and especially how it impacts people's emotions and the correlation with productivity, and so she recently started another journey by pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology.

More information on the Genentech Website : https://www.gene.com/stories/ayesha-hamid?topic=our-people


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