Anahita Srinivasan

CHM Teen Intern Alumna

Anahita Srinivasan joined CHM in 2017 as a volunteer teen intern in the Teen Internship Program and returned in 2018 to serve as the event coordination lead on the Teen Engagement Council. In 2021, Anahita joined CHM’s Teen Content Team to work with other teen alumni exploring artificial intelligence and innovation through a teen perspective and creating new content for teen audiences. She is currently an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. Anahita has also conducted research at MIT's Kavli Institute of Astrophysics using machine learning to classify the shapes of exoplanets, and she hopes to continue to pursue research in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. She is a member of MIT's motorsports team and chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, and she also writes for the student newspaper.


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