Dr. Abigail De Kosnik

Dr. Abigail De Kosnik is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Berkeley Center for New Media and the Department of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies. She has two books forthcoming: The Survival of Soap Opera: Strategies for a New Media Era (essay collection, co-edited with Sam Ford and C. Lee Harrington) from the University Press of Mississippi and Illegitimate Media: Minority Discourse and the Censorship of Digital Remix Culture from the University of Georgia Press. She testified in May 2009 before the U.S. Copyright Office at their hearings regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In December 2010, she organized a symposium called The Future of the Forum: Internet Communities and the Public Interest, which brought to Berkeley's campus leaders from industry (including the founders of craigslist, Wikipedia, and Linked In), academia, and the non-profit sector to discuss social media's impact on the public sphere.


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