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Student volunteers in grades 9–12 go behind the scenes at CHM. As key members of the education team, they help visitors of all ages—from both local and international communities. As a teen volunteer intern, you will:

  • Explore the Museum’s content through research about the transformative impact of technology on our past, present, and future.
  • Interact with Museum professionals and guest speakers from around Silicon Valley who will share stories about the history of innovation.
  • Develop and facilitate tours and hands-on activities for young visitors and intergenerational audiences.

Become a Teen Intern

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2019 Teen Intern Program Sponsor


The Exponential Center’s summer interns may study everything from computer science to English lit and global studies, but they share a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Interns help lay the foundation for events, educational materials, and oral history interviews. As an Exponential Center intern you may:

  • Explore the history and impact of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture.
  • Research the startup journeys of innovative company founders.
  • Prepare biographical briefs for oral history interviews.
  • Develop activities in CHM’s exhibits and test prototypes.

Become an Exponential Center University Intern

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