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Making and Measuring Effective Virtual Environments

Fred Brooks is a legendary figure in computing. He led the development of the IBM System 360, wrote "The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering", and founded the Computer Science department at the University of North Carolina. His many awards include the National Medal of Technology, the A.M. Turing award of the ACM, the Bower Award and Prize of the Franklin Institute, and the John von Neumann Medal of the IEEE.

In this talk, Dr. Brooks will discuss his current work in virtual environments. The Effective Virtual Environments project at Chapel Hill is trying to determine which technological factors are crucial, which important, and which are negligible in making virtual environments illusions effective. Says Brooks, "We have studied eight different factors so far, with interesting and sometimes surprising results. I shall briefly describe the experiments and the chief findings."

Apr 08, 2004
7:00 pm

Add to Calendar 04/08/2004 7:00 pm America/Los_Angeles Making and Measuring Effective Virtual Environments SLAC Auditorium, Menlo Park

SLAC Auditorium, Menlo Park



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