Business & Government Leaders

Business and government leaders can explore topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and the Silicon Valley ecosystem model at CHM. We offer workshops, lectures, and special tours through our Exponential Center. Leaders may also learn about the history and impact of technology by arranging a group tour through the Museum’s exhibits.

Access to invaluable insights about companies and their business decisions.

— Workshop participant


Facilitated workshops guide participants through in-depth exploration of the Silicon Valley ecosystem and key companies that thrive in it. Experiences can be customized to ensure high impact learning for your group.

Apple and Intel: From Founding to Pivot and Beyond

Silicon Valley 360: NetApp



Subject matter experts engage participants in stimulating talks tailored to their level of understanding. Key topics include: the decades-long success of Silicon Valley’s innovative ecosystem; the birth, growth and death of iconic companies; and the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

DNA of Silicon Valley


Group Tours and Self-Guided Visits

Groups of business or government leaders can arrange docent-led tours or self-guided visits through our exhibits with special focus on topics such as innovation and entrepreneurship and the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Silicon Valley Icons

Exponential Innovation: The Roots of Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

Group Tours and Self-Guided Visits


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