Listen, Learn, and Do Better

To Our CHM Community

Friday, June 5, 2020 

Like so many of you, we are outraged and disheartened by the violence and injustice dividing our country. We stand with the black community and those speaking up and acting for justice and equality. 
Our mission is to decode technology for everyone. It is our belief that a better understanding of technology—its origins, how it works, and its impact—can empower people to shape a better future. We have used these last few days to listen and to carefully reflect on our own institution, what kind of museum we want to be and what concrete ways can we act against systemic racism as a trusted source in our own community.
At CHM we are committed to presenting technology as an encompassing, inclusive, and multifaceted story that illuminates a multitude of people, ideas, and experiences. We are committed to building keystone collections that reflect the stories and experiences of people and cultures across the globe. We are committed to using our public and educational programming as a platform to connect our community with diverse viewpoints and unique perspectives at the intersection of technology and humanity. We are committed to inspiring an active, forward-looking community by broadening and diversifying the stories we tell. We also recognize that a pledge to diversity must stem beyond our institution to our larger community of partners and are committed to changing that. We know that our museum can be a tool in support of equality and plan to use it as such.
This is an ongoing conversation. Now is a time for all of us to listen, learn, and do better.



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