Donor Recognition

Annual Fund Donors

Just as magnetic-core memory was the heart of early computers, CHM’s Core donors are the heart of our organization. Core donors provide the largest source of support for our Annual Fund, which in turn provides flexible resources to support immediate needs including collections, live programming, and educational programs.

This listing recognizes the generosity of Core donors who made gifts to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. Giving levels are inspired by the standard binary sizes of computer memory.

*CHM Board of Trustees

Core Circle


Scott Cook and Signe Ostby
Donna Dubinsky and Len Shustek
Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum
Gardner C. Hendrie* and Karen Johansen
Dave L. House*, House Family Foundation
Intuit Inc.
Craig Keithley
Meredith and Ray Rothrock*
Anthony and Susan Wood


Paul R.* and Judith Gray
Lore Harp McGovern*
Paul and Antje Newhagen
Eric and Wendy Schmidt
John and Sheree Shoch
Raymie Stata


Forest and Kathy Baskett
C. Gordon Bell*, Bell Family Foundation
Anne Bertaud-Peuto
Ron and Penny Blake
Vinton and Sigrid Cerf
Aart de Geus and Esther John
Tom* and Carolyn Friel
Elaine and Eric Hahn
Urs Hölzle and Geeske Joel
Chris and Melody Malachowsky
Regis and Dianne McKenna
Jim and Becky Morgan
Grant* and Dorrit Saviers

Core Club


Ginny and Greg*
Ned and Jimi Barnholt
Stephen L. and Karen A. Casner
Yogen and Peggy Dalal
Steven and Roberta Denning
Scott and Jenny Dietzen
Judy L. Estrin
Eileen Fagan*
The Guzik Foundation
Margo and Bill Harding*
Dotty* and Terry Hayes
Hitz Foundation
Thomas Kornei
William and Gay Krause
Gary and Laura Lauder
John Mashey* and Angela Hey
Carol and Larry Masinter
McMurtry Family Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore
Gary and Eileen Morgenthaler
Ike* and Ronee Nassi
Carl Page
Greg* and Laurie Papadopoulos
Donald* and Victoria Proctor
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock
Stephen S.* and Paula K. Smith
Larry Sonsini*
Tevanian Family Foundation
Guy Tribble and Susan Barnes
Laurie Yoler* and Ben LeNail


Al and Katie Alcorn
Sheila and John Banning
Paul Baran
Craig and Barbara Barrett Foundation
Allen Baum and Donya White
John and Maggie Best
Jarred and Amy Capellman
Gene P. and Patricia Carter
Jeff and Bernadette Clavier
David N. Cutler
Paul R. Daugherty*
William and Sonja Davidow
David and Jennifer Gillespie
Kenneth Goldman and Susan Valeriote
Carrie and Gregory Gretsch and Family
Eli and Britt Harari
Marcian and Judith Hoff
Mark Horowitz
Joan and Irwin Jacobs
Ann and Bobby Johnson*
Peter* and Beth Karpas
Rudi Katz
Steven and Michele Kirsch
Harvey Lehtman
The Long Family Charitable Foundation
Linda and Mike Markkula
David* and Roben Martin
Katherine and Robert Maxfield
Mendelsohn Family Fund
Debby Meredith* and Curtis Cole
Sofia Milner and Jan J. Laskowski
Rich* and Susan Redelfs
Dave Rossetti* and Jan Avent
Robert and Lee Sproull
John and Gail Squires
The Vadasz Family Foundation
Paul Winalski
David and Wendy Wright
David Yarnold*


Chitra Balasubramanian* and Sunil V. Rajaraman
Luc O. and Irène I. Bauer
Richard Burnes
Gabriel Clothier
Lynn and Bill Crane
Stephen and Beth Crocker
Charles S. Cronce and Deborah C. Maxwell
Andrea Cunningham* and Rand Siegfried
Peter and Kate Daly
Caroline Donahue*
Joe and Lori Fabris
Irwin and Concepcion Federman
Jim, Kenna, and Celeste Fenton
Robert Frankston
John and Andrea Hennessy
Matthew and Connie Ives Family Fund
Curtis A. Jones and Lucille M. Boone
Derry and Charlene Kabcenell
Robert Kahn and Patrice Lyons
Phil Karn
Larry and Patti Kenyon
Leslie Lamport
James and Katherine Lau
Lewis Lee*
Loewenstern Fund
Jeffrey Marraccini
The McElwee Family
Dean O. Morton
The Nachtsheim Family Foundation
Sanjay Nair*
Jason and Nicole Nemeth
Donald and Helen Nielson
Niemasik Kaufman Family Fund
Jeremy Norman and Patricia Gilbert
Nicholas Olsen
The Pond Family
Maryanna Saenko*
Jean Shuler
Thomas Stoiber
Edward and Pamela Taft
TL Trust
Angela Tran*
Andries and Deborah van Dam
Marc and Lori Verdiell
Eric Vitiello
L. Curtis Widdoes, Jr.
Bill and Sue Worthington


ID and RE Allan
The Amidon-Menon Family
David L. Anderson*
Mary Artibee and Milt Mallory
Dennis and Janet Austin Fund
Joyce Avery and Brian Berg
Molly and Rick Bahr
Janet and Christopher Bajorek
Paul and Debbie Baker
Robin Beresford and Robert Garner
Dileep Bhandarkar
Barry and Sharla Boehm
M. Helen Bradley and Steve Kleiman
Michael and Leslie Braun
Nathan Brookwood and Patricia Hendriks
Leonid Broukhis
Judith B. Carmichael
Satjiv Chahil
Tu Chen
George Cogan and Fannie Allen
Cohan-Jacobs Family Fund
Bud and Rebecca Colligan
John and Norma Crawford
John and Wynne Dobyns Charitable Fund
Phyllis and Bill Draper
Drexler Estate Fund
Raymond Duncan
Jean Elliott and Bob Williams
David* and Han Emerson
Nicolas Falliere
Guy C. Fedorkow
William Ferry
Robert and Bette Finnigan
Samuel H. and Carol W. Fuller
Mary Goldberg
Bernard and Patricia Goldstein
Tineke Graafland
David B. and Deanna L. Gustavson
Jeffrey Hungerford
Joseph Hurd*
Emily and George Jaquette
John and Jacque Jarve
Suzanne Johnson
Kris and Shelly Kafka
Ray and Laurel Kaleda
Herbert and Lee Kanner
James and Sylvia Katzman
Jerry and Judy Klein
Leonard and Stella Kleinrock
Donald and Jill Knuth
Murray Kucherawy
Bernard Lacroute
Denis Laprise
Jean and David Laws Family Foundation
Mark and Debra Leslie
John and Marion Lowrance
Rosemarie and Dale Luck
Jim and Ellen Lussier
May Family Foundation
Kirk McKusick and Eric Allman
Lenny and Christine Mendonca
Michelle M. Mertz
Robert Metcalfe
Guy and Michal Miasnik
Avram Miller Family Foundation
Jim Mitchell and Judy Wainwright
Mooring Family Foundation
Jane and Malachy Moynihan
Brooks Nelson
Randy and Chris Nelson
Ronald and Jennifer Nicholson
Duane Northcutt and Monica Lam
Sameer Padala
William Pollock
Raikes Foundation
Miriam and Bruce
Glenn Ricart and Patricia Guenther
Tim and Lisa Robinson
Heidi Roizen
John and Anne Rollins
Mark Roos and Catherine Rossi-Roos
Peter and Valerie Samson
Michael Schroeder
Gary Shapiro
Richard Sites and Lucey Bowen
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Alvy Ray Smith and Alison Gopnik
Stephen L. Smith and Diana T. Go
Jerry Snyder
Diane L. Souvaine*
Mark and Mary Stevens
Jim and Bea Strickland
Bob and Martha Supnik
Kirill Tatarinov
Jan and Sylvia Uddenfeldt
Michael Ward and Karen Schaffer
Henry Watterson
David and Rebecca Weekly
Warren Weiss
Al Whaley
Donald Whittemore
Janet Wong* and Ron Mullins
Chuck Worley and Mary Jo Sullivan Worley
Sandy Wu
Lawrence Yang and Jennifer Kuan
Warren Yogi
John Zeisler and Jennifer Bailey
Ben Zotto

Premier Members ($500−$1,023)

Dave and Naomi Bennet
Alun Bermingham
Peter Capek
Alison Chaiken
Elaine Chapin and Michael Fitzsimmons
William Cheswick
Ray and Lori Kulvin Crawford
Philip and Elayne Dauber
Peter and Dorothy Denning
Lloyd and Eleanor Dickman
Frederick Dill
Daniel Drake
Anthony and Joanne Eckroth
Marilynne Elverson
Philip Freidin
Elissa Grad and Narayan Kaimal
Professor Martin Edward Hellman and Dorothie Lorene Hellman
Marc Hopkins
J. Burgess and Libby Jamieson
Jerry Jensen
Doug Kalish and Donna Bohling
Kevin Kranzusch
Cathy Litterer
Gary W. Malone
Christina and Harry McKinney
Arthur Morgan
Robert and Jane Morse
George and Angeliki Perlegos
Orville Plum
Camille Roberts
Constantine Sapuntzakis
Karen Shannon
Sid Sheth and Kalpana Krishnamurthy
Chris Shipley
Anthony Shortland
Stephen Sjolander
Gordon and Valori Stitt
William Stubkjaer
Matt Thrailkill
Fritz and Nomi Trapnell
Andrew W. Verhalen and Janet L. Brownstone
Eric Werme
Nancy Wheeler
John and Brenda Yeaton
Jamie Zawinski
Robert Zeiher

Supporting Members ($250−$499)

George B. Adams III and Leah H. Jamieson
Bruce Artwick
Jesse and Maria Aweida
Bruce and Leona Baumgart
Brad Bazemore
Tom Becker and Patricia Parsons
Eric M. Berg
Nancy and Charles Boesenberg
Rob Borek
Robert Brown
Chris Byrne
Steve Capps
Thomas Clewe
Paul Coad
Lynn and David Conroy
Robert A. Cook
Mike Crocker and Gerri Smoluk
George and Susan Crow
Paul and Robin DiGiammarino
John and Gayle Dilley
Kevin Driscoll
Martin and Carolyn Eberhard
Mary Jo and Harold V. Feeney, Jr.
Joseph Feng
Philip Fleschler
Armando and Tonia Fox
Bob and Ruth Anne Fraley
James Fruchterman
Bill Gage
Charles Gousha
John and Terry Guerra
Geri Hadley and Ron Cote
Thomas Hahn
Fred Half
Don and Susan Hanson
Samuel Hart
Mark Hastings
James Heeger and Daryll Messinger
Ralph Hill and Winnie Chu
David and Susan Hodges
Doug Hohbach
Afzal Hossain and Nasima Parveen
John Impagliazzo
Brendan Ittelson
Scott and Susan Jackson
William and Yvonne Jacobson
Bruce R. Kendall
Kim King
Mark Kryder
Robert Lashley
Ellen Layendecker
Trudy Levy and Mike Gutman
Jimmy Lin
Paul Lindner
Will and Leslie Littlejohn
Einar Lorentzen
Steve Lurya
Joseph Lynch
Dhaval Malaviya
Donald and Barbara Mattson
Justin McCarthy
Scott and Marjorie Moon
Thomas Moore
Trevor Mottl
Hal Murray
Kathryn M. Neri
Donald North
David Novak
Daniel Osers and Dana Blenkin
Len and Linda Perham
MaryEllen and Eric Petrich
Bill and Susan Poduska
Russell Pyne
Andris and Betty Ramans
King Rhoton
Thomas Rindfleisch
Michael M. and Lenore L. Roberts
Scott C. Roberts
Luis Rocha
Paul Rosenbloom
Kathleen L. Rydar
Jeff Safire
Mehran Sahami
John and Christine Sanguinetti
Brian Schunck
David Schweizer
Lyle Seplowitz
Geoffrey Shearer
James Shibley
Conrad and Maia Shultz
Stephen Skedzielewski
Ben Smith
Lawrence Snapp
Marian and Abraham Sofaer
Tony Sumpter
Fred W. Terman
Sami Tolvanen
Alexey Toptygin
John Treichler and Sally Wood
David Turner
Mabry Tyson
Thomas Vogelsang
Paul Weinstein
Kyle G. Welch
John Zasio
Liye Zhang

*CHM Board of Trustees

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